Enterprise history


Metalka Majur Enterprise started its operations in 1986 (official date of operation start was January 8th, 1986), as a small handicraft workshop for manufacture of machine elements. The workshop has been established by Radosav Milenkovic, Graduate Engineer of Mechanical Engineering, in his own and his father’s household. Metalka Majur operated through Handicraft Association Vihor at that time, being its member as well.

Upon 2 years of operation, the enterprise had 10 workers employed, which was legal limit at that time. During the first five years, the workshop was solely engaged in manufacture of special tools and machines as well as services related to manufacture of machine parts.

In 1990, the workshop has been reregistered as Metalka Majur Enterprise Ltd (Limited Liability Company), when it started to manufacture PTT cable heads and electric installation accessories. Since then, the sudden development of the enterprise has been initiated. Metalka Majur has realized the cooperation with many scientific and technical institutions and laboratories. The development department has also been founded within the enterprise; therefore the new products and technologies are constantly introduced.

In order to ensure the stability of the production quality of its products Metalka Majur has introduced and organized its work according to the quality management system ISO 9001. For introduced quality management system certificate was obtained (first time in 1996) by the Federal Institute for Standardization of Yugoslavia. The quality system was recognized in Metalka Majur as an important segment of the further development of the company and it has consistently invested.

In 1991, the first production program of switches and socket-outlets (“Apolo”) was launched. Nowadays, it is the most important business segment of the enterprise. In the years to come, Metalka Majur offers large number of the new programs for switches and socket-outlets.
Upon market research, being organized each year on the territory of Serbia, Metalka Majur has emerged to the leading position in 2004, with regard to the manufacture and sales of electrical goods in Serbia, whereas the market share percentage is increased from year to year.
Due to the rapid development and future plans, new business and production space was built in the industrial zone in Jagodina, of about 9000m2 were in 2006 the entire production of Metalka Majur was relocated.

  • Since it has been founded, Metalka Majur acts as a socially responsible company and pays attention to:
  • Environment and Sustainable Growth;
  • Environmental Protection and Health Care of each individual;
  • Obeying of Law and Regulations;
  • Code of Ethics (Moral code);
  • Assistance to those at risk.

Metalka Majur is currently modern European company with skilled and educated human resources, contemporary manufacturing capacities and competitive products.