Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Metalka Majur located?

The head office of Metalka Majur is located in the central part of Serbia, in the industrial zone of Jagodina. The address is Vihorska 9, 35000 Jagodina.

Who is Metalka Majur’s owner?

The owner and General Manager of Metalka Majur is Mr. Fevki Silik.

How long does Metalka Majur manufacture electrical material?

The first breaker was manufactured in Metalka Majur in 1991. The first series of switches and socket-outlets were manufactured and called “Apolo” at that time. Since then, Metalka Majur constantly develops new production programs and upgrades its existing ones.

Are the products of Metalka Majur characterized with quality and safety in use?

The products of Metalka Majur have been certified by most renowned certification authorities (bodies) of the European Union, thus confirming the quality and safety of its products’ use. Metalka Majur is holder of ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for quality management system.

Which materials are used for manufacture of Metalka Majur’s products?

Metalka Majur uses solely high-quality materials produced by the renowned European manufacturers (Covestro, Bassel, Elix and similar) for the production of its products. Plastic parts have been produced from self-extinguishing and UV enduring materials, not containing life-endangering hazardous substances. UV material endurance is very important for maintaining the same color of the product, in spite of the constant exposure of sunrays. In other words, the switch or socket-outlets with white color shall not change that color in spite of its exposure to sunshine impact for many years.

Can I replace the product of Metalka Majur and how can I do it?

The number of Metalka Majur’s malfunctioning products is negligible. However, some minor malfunction is possible to occur with some of the products. In that case, it is necessary to return the malfunctioning product to the retail shop where it is purchased and ask to be replaced with the new one. Metalka Majur settles the claims to retail and wholesale POS within shortest time possible and replaces the faulty products with the new ones. All malfunctioning products have been analyzed and tested, in order to avoid further errors and improve the quality of the products.

What’s better: socket-outlet with ceramic or polycarbonate body?

Metalka Majur offers socket-outlets with ceramic and polycarbonate body. The customers in Serbia and former Yugoslav republics were accustomed to use socket-outlets with ceramic body, because they are considered to be of better quality and more reliable. In the European countries, many of which Metalka Majur exports its products, the socket-outlets with polycarbonate body is solely used for many years, which has better properties than ceramic body. Metalka Majur uses quality plastic materials and has excellent design solution of the contacts within the socket-outlet (which are the basic prerequisites for quality and long operation of the socket-outlet). Therefore, the socket-outlet with polycarbonate body is completely safe for use and it is only the customer’s choice which alternative he would prefer.

What’s better: screw or screwless type of connection for switches and conductors?

Similar to socket-outlets, there is also a constant dilemma with switches that has emerged based on the habits of the customers. It is a habit in this region to use the switches with screw-type connection, due to, as electricians may say, safer connection. On the other hand, contacts of Metalka Majur’s switches and pushbuttons with screwless-type connection are quality made, providing safe and solid connection, along with constant pressure force between the contacts and conductors (which is very important for long and proper operation of the switch). Another important advantage of the screwless-type connection is reduced installation process of the products, making this type of the connection more cost-efficient choice. Finally, the choice is made by the customer anyway…

What’s the use of double pole, two-way double pole, double two way and three-pole switches?

Double-pole switch is intended for circuits of the customers, where the simultaneous disconnection of the phase and neutral conductor is required. The most frequent application is with circuits of single-phase motors. Other areas of application:
– customers for which it is important to disconnect neutral conductor as well (facilities or buildings not having the protection for voltage of touch, facilities with grounded neutral protection, bulbs (lights) with metal design protection).
– combination with socket-outlet to higher rated currents.
Two-way double pole switch has embodied in itself the functions of double-pole and two-way double pole switch. It means that this switch can disconnect simultaneously neutral and phase conductor (function of double pole switch) from two different locations (function of two-way double pole switch).
Double two-way switch has embodied the function of two two-way switches in order to create the possibility of switching on and off two groups of the customers from two different locations.
Three-pole switch is intended for circuits of three-phase customers, supplied with electric power from three-phase electric power network with interphase voltage of 230V. The application indicates the possibility of simultaneous switching on/off of three groups of the customers.

Where can I buy the products of Metalka Majur?

Metalka Majur’s products can be found in almost every shop with good assortment of the electric materials in Serbia as well as in large retail stores chains.

Who can I contact regarding any information related to the products?

The section of web site under the name “Contact” offers the contact details with all relevant offices and sectors of Metalka Majur. We shall do our best to provide detailed and quality reply on your inquiry as soon as possible.