Metalka Shop – Official Metalka Majur’s Points of Sales

Description of offer:

The wish and intention of Metalka Majur is to have in each city of Serbia the representative shop or several shops, where majority of Metalka Majur’s products can be seen and bought.

Such shop is important both for customers and architects, designers, design engineers and electricians, who can see the offer on the spot.

First of all, “Metalka Shop” is an excellent opportunity for the shop owner to make additional earning and create the reputation with the customers, design engineers and electricians.

What is “Metalka Shop”?


“Metalka Shop” is in fact your shop, which shall become the representative shop for sales of the products from the convincing leader in the field of electrical goods in the region – of Metalka Majur.

Metalka Majur shall brand your shop with certain advertising articles at its own expense and give you special commercial terms for the articles to be within the offer.

Your shop as “Metalka Shop” shall also have special privileges on annual basis and shall become a part of the program on giving our support to most significant shopkeepers.

How is “Metalka Shop” created?

The sales facilities (shops), distinguished by their sales, good appearance and potential, sign the Contract with Metalka Majur on use of “Metalka Shop” program. The Contract is made so that the shopkeeper may terminate the relationship with Metalka Majur in any moment without any consequences. The Contract only protects the material assets of Metalka Majur and investment of the advertising material into the shop.

Upon signing the Contract, Metalka Majur delivers to the shopkeeper at its own expense the following:

  1. Advertising shelf with first filling of the articles. The first filling is related to a single transport packing of the article (most often 10 pieces per one product). The payment terms for the first filling are 60 days (deferred payment), along with the current discount for advance payment, obtained from your distributor.
  2. Wall panel with samples from several production programs of Metalka Majur
  3. Metalka Majur’s catalogues
  4. Branding of the window: Official points of sales for Metalka Majur’s products.
  5. Small advertising material: posters, show cardboards, prospects, etc…

Further benefits of participating in “Metalka Shop” project are:

  1. Twice a year each shop being in “Metalka Shop” program shall be able to get single or double filling under special commercial terms, which are stated above (discount for advance payment and 60-days deferred payment).
  2. They shall be able to expect the joint engagement of Metalka Majur and special privileges for sales of the goods to special and important customers.
  3. Special, attractive sales promos, organized by Metalka Majur (games of chance, gift packages) shall be only through “Metalka Shop” chain.

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