Most important facts


naj vaznije cinnjenice1Since 1986, when small handicraft workshop has been established, the name of METALKA MAJUR Enterprise represents the synonym for technical innovations in the field of the electrical materials, continuous improvement of the quality, electric power-related safety as well as superior and modern design.

Clear vision of the future has enabled rapid development. Therefore, METALKA MAJUR Enterprise is nowadays a leader in the manufacturing of the electric materials in South East Europe, employing 85 people, along with modern business, manufacturing and warehousing area and branched sales network.

The core of the production program comprises the several programs of switches and socket-outlets (“Premijer plus”, “Status”, “Royal”, “Royal Exclusive”, “Emporio”, “Happy”, “Set Q OG” and “Mini OG” ), modular program of switches and socket-outlets “Kombo”, modular led lighting Kombo LED as well as a few accompanying programs (distribution panels, junction boxes, portable socket-outlets, electrical accessories).

The special place in the production program takes the manufacture of special tools for machine industry (for third parties), which was the basic activity of the enterprise in the first years of its existence.

The enterprise is permanently developed and grown by great efforts of the employed and professional relationship towards business activities, constant investments in new technologies and training of the human resources.

Through development and manufacture of the new products, METALKA MAJUR constantly tries to improve the lifestyle quality of its clients and provide rapid, safe and quality-based access to electric power.


Metalka Majur offers its products on the following markets:

  • Serbia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Macedonia;
  • Croatia;
  • Slovenia;
  • Russia;
  • Romania;
  • Hungary;
  • Netherlands;
  • Poland;
  • France;
  • Ivory Coast;
  • Iraq;
  • UAE;


Qualitynaj vaznije cinjenice3

The work on steady quality improvement of the products is primary task of all the employed in METALKA MAJUR Enterprise.

METALKA MAJUR is a first Serbian private-owned enterprise that has obtained the Certificate for ISO 9001 Quality System from foreign Certification Authority.

Compliance of quality management system with the requirements of 9001: 2008 standards show IQNet and JUQS certificates. Quality of its products Metalka Majur has confirmed by the certification bodies of Russia, Sweden and Croatia.

CE mark on a product means that the product meets requirements of EU directives and that it undergoes procedures of compliance controls.

Quality certificates for the products have been obtained from the competent bodies in Serbia as well as several competent foreign institutes.

Metalka Majur has acquired the right to promote its products all over the world through the slogan “The best from Serbia”, which makes a special honor for us, but also obligation to keep our excellence in the future, as well.