Statement on Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Metalka Majur is based on the following principles:

  • The employees are one of the basic supports of our existence and development.
  • Quality management system, being documented and in compliance with ISO 9001 standard, enables more efficient operating process in all work-related domains and creates conditions for constant improvements.
  • Host-like relationship in business operations enables rationalization of the costs, without affecting the quality of the products and operating conditions.
  • Constant replacement of the equipment and use of new technologies improves the quality of the products and increase the productivity and cost-effectiveness of business operations.
  • Products and technology of Metalka Majur do not jeopardize the safety of the users and the environment.
  • The confidence of its clients is based on the quality of the products, manufactured according to the market requirements and needs, international technical standards and regulations.
  • We build the correct relationships with our customers, observing the delivery terms agreed.
  • We select our suppliers based on their capabilities to fulfill the specified delivery terms.
  • We develop partnership with our suppliers in order to provide the material of superb quality for the manufacture of the finished products.
  • The engagement of the enterprise into sports, cultural and humanitarian manifestations represents our contribution to better lifestyle of wider social community.
  • We provide management over the processes from “outsource” to a level that allows the creation of only products that comply with the requirements.