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Sun Sun
Flower (white / light blue) Flower (white / light blue)
Star (yellow / red) Star (yellow / red)
Star (yellow / light blue) Star (yellow / light blue)
Flower (yellow / red) Flower (yellow / red)
Flower (yellow / white) Flower (yellow / white)
Flower (white / pink) Flower (white / pink)
Sunny side up Sunny side up

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Happy production program is designed with intention to make children rooms, kinder gardens, schools and other premises where children spend their time more amusing and interesting. There are four different shapes within Happy production program: sun, flower, star and sunny side up egg, and there are different combinations of colors, for girls and boys.

Having in mind specific application of this product line, development team of Metalka Majur payed special attention and time to safety issues.

Therefore, all socket outlets models in Happy program are touch protected, which guarantees complete security of children. Paints used for painting plastics are absolutely harmless and ensure the stability of attractive shades.

Definitely unique in its concept, design and purpose, Happy brought recognizability of Metalka Majur in all of Europe.