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White White
Dark red Dark red
Dark blue Dark blue
Dark green Dark green
Black coloured plastic Black coloured plastic
Ivory Ivory
Chrome shine Chrome shine
Black colour Black colour
Grey colour Grey colour
Maple wood Maple wood
Cherry wood Cherry wood
Italian walnut wood Italian walnut wood
Al foil Al foil
Corian Dupont white Corian Dupont white
Corian Dupont Black Corian Dupont Black
Gold Gold
Silver Silver
Black Black

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Kombo modular program of high quality switches and socket outlets is characterized by elegant and very modern design, made of the most quality materials following the European standards. Kombo program is developed in accordance with the needs of modern customers who want to have the full autonomy in choosing equipment and combination of colors including possibility of installation of as much equipment as possible in a small space, in respect of the equipment’s quality which guarantees long life and comfortable application of switches and socket outlets.

Wide range of modules and decorative frames is developed in order to completely fulfill customers’ needs. Decorative frames are divided in three price groups so that different groups of customers could have possibility of choice in respect of prices. Program Kombo has standard decorative frames from molded plastic, over the middle class painted frames, to the highly luxurious decorative frames made of real wood and Corian, intended for a luxury residential, office and hotel facilities.

All Kombo modules can be in white, black and gold color, but an important characteristic is that switches are designed for nominal current of 16AX.