Toolroom of Metalka Majur – proposal for service-type tool production

Metalka Majur offers part of its toolroom capacities to the market for manufacturing the tools to third parties.

The tooling division is equipped with the most modern machining centers and CNC machines of new generation, making it the best in this part of Europe. It has large production capacities, whereas the experience of the toolmakers and contemporary machines guarantee quality manufacture of tools within short period of time.

We have a huge experience in design and making of plastic and stamping tools. Until now we have made over 1.000 different tools and pieces were made from 1 gram to 1.000 grams. Out of 1.000 tools over 200 were stamping tools.

The following equipment is available:

  • CNC Machining Centers of small, medium and large dimensions;
  • CNC electro-erosion machines with wire and electrode;
  • NC milling machines;
  • Conventional machines (lathes, milling machines, grinding machines for flat and circular grinding, electro-erosion machines);
  • Machine for measure-related adjustment;

The additional advantage of Metalka Majur’s tooling division is a large flexibility, therefore it is possible to manufacture tools of small and large dimensions as well as the products made of metal or plastics, which opens the possibility of cooperation with the companies from various industrial branches, such as automobile industry, manufacture of toys, household appliances, goods and similar.

Market orientation of Metalka Majur, quality technical basis and trained personnel guarantee the quality at reasonable price.

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